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What is Organic?

Why Organic?
What is USDA Organic Certified Seal?

What is Organic?

Organic foods prohibits the use of any
environmentally harmful chemicals and
genetically modified organisms that may
detriment our health. The organic primary
strategy is prevention, which includes
the build up of healthy soils, and healthy
plants that are better able to resist
disease and insects.

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Why Organic?

Past research has suggested chemicals that are used to process conventional foods are linked to cancer-causing and may be harmful for our health. Thus, Organic Foods are healthier choice for us because they are not processed like conventional foods with potential harmful chemicals that will affect our health. It is also stated by hundreds of gourmet chefs across the country that organic foods taste better because of well balanced soils, which promotes strong, healthy plants.

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What is USDA Organic Certified Seal?

Organic certified has been established by USDA,
which set forth that all organic food must be verified
to assure that it meets the standard and
requirement of organic rule.

In essence, consumers can rest assure, with these
guidelines set forth by USDA, that environmentally
harmful chemicals and genetically modified
organisms are strictly prohibited throughout
organic food processing.

More importantly, based on USDA labeling standards, only 95 % or more organic food ingredients are allowed to display USDA organic certified seal on the package.

Roxy Trading proudly announce that we have become one of the USDA Organic Certified Seal members to handle and distribute Organic Food products.

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All information above was referenced from USDA and Whole Foods Market website.

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Chimes Garden Organic Products

Organic Beans, Nuts and Grains

Chimes Garden Organic Thai Rice

Exclusively grown in the Mae-Loy village of the
Tong-Lor Valley in the cool, mountainous ranges
of Northern Thailand, our farms flourish simply
on fertile soil and natural rain water. As a result
of this environment, our yields of premium
Jasmine rice carry a sensational fragrance
not to be found in rice grown anywhere else.

Although Jasmine rice is now planted in many countries, none of these crops possess the signature Jasmine aroma that will permeate your kitchen when the rice is cooked. Grown under the attentive care of Thailand's Dept. of Agriculture in close cooperation with BIOAGRICERT *, our Jasmine rice is in full compliance with the USDA's NOP standards and the European Union's organic standards.
Our Jasmine rice is free from synthetic chemicals, guaranteed for its finest quality, and naturally the best choice for your rice dishes. Bon Appetite!
* BIOAGRICERT is an independent Italian Organic Certifier.
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